My name is Richard, I am the founder  of this website which allows me to showcase my passions for the computer, website creation, cryptology, blockchain, woodcraft and 3d printing.

Growing up, I spent summers on Block Island with my family and eventually we left NY and became permanent residents of the Island and that's where I met my wife, Lori. We had our first date 7 years after meeting, we dated for 2 months and I asked her to marry me...her response was "your funny".  Anyhow, she did say yes and we tied the knot on May 8th, 1999.  We spent one last summer on the Island, honeymooned in Egypt and we eventually settled in the "Quiet Corner" of CT, where I am able to pursue my love of gardening. I love planting, digging in the dirt and growing food. 

 Things were going...then a phone call with my dad ended with him asking what was wrong with me - was I ok?  I didn't understand (at the time) why he was asking, but over the next couple of weeks I started to notice changes in my speech and I was having difficulty gripping things.  The symptoms started to worry us, so we made an appointment with our doctor who ran a lyme test. The test came back negative, but the symptoms were worsening so we made a second appointment and that's when our doctor told us that he feared I was suffering from a degenerative neurological disease so he referred me to a specialist and on September 7, 2018 it was confirmed that I have ALS.  This was devastating  and not the news we were hoping for - ALS sucks!  But, as I see it - God chose me - so I want to try to add my little bit to "the story"...

On a positive note, my wife and I have met some pretty amazing people along our journey. 


Susanna Raeven – Herbalist and Owner of Raven Crest Botanicals

Susanna is an herbalist and medicinal herb grower, and owner of Raven Crest Botanicals, a small-scale organic herb farm nestled in the hills in upstate NY.

We reached out to Susanna after seeing her featured on – Remedy, Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness documentary series.  We felt an instant connection with her while watching the series and knowing how important nutrition/diet (overall and) especially for someone battling an illness we reached out to her to ask a few questions and to set up a consultation. 

Over the past months we have been in constant contact with Susanna and have had a couple of skype sessions with her; she is amazing!  Always willing to answer our questions, give advice and she has blended custom tinctures for me. 

She has been a great help to us and we are so grateful to have made this connection. 

Susanna, thank-you for being you.......

Wendy Garosshen – owner of Heirloom Food Company, Organic Café and Juice Bar

As much as I love my wife, she’ll be the first to tell you that she is not a very good cook…she gives it her best effort, but (lucky for us) Heirloom Food Company is right down the street from us.  They have a great (vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, organic) menu.  

Wendy and her amazing crew have been an absolute godsend. 

My favorites are the Tomato Bisque soup, Veggie Chowder and the Portabella Mushroom burger, but everything is fresh, local and awesome!

Wendy, thank-you for being you......

I must say, other than the obvious…I feel great and I know it has a lot to do with nutrition. 

We are blessed to have people like Susanna and Wendy to help us and to ensure that I am keeping a healthy diet.